Design is our business. We are a team of design professionals dedicated to helping public and private sector organizations with clear, compelling brand communications.

Service is our superpower. We’re in business to help you solve problems. That means being responsive. It means being accessible. It means removing your stress. And ultimately it means we’re on your team.

Relationship is everything. We build strong relationships. Most of them last for years, with clients, employees and charitable organizations. That’s something we genuinely cherish. We’re in it for the long ride.

Quality knows no compromise. Relationships are not built on superior service alone. Quality is table stakes: it must never be sacrificed. For us it means asking the right questions up front about your vision, your needs and your audience – and sweating every detail thereafter. For our clients it means a creative solution that is right the first time and a style that is fresh, sophisticated and intelligent.


Who you see is who you get. At SDAI our clients love that they always have direct access to the people doing their work. We are always accessible.

One brand. One voice. Brand is a big word, but most people only see a part of it. Sometimes all they see is a logo. Or an ad. Or signage. Or a website. But we see it all: a brand speaking in one voice across all touchpoints, from beginning to end. Our strength is to make that vision a reality.

Interested in building a stronger brand?

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