The people of SDAI, bound by a shared dedication to great design.

Michael Stokely, RGD

Principal and Creative Director

I believe that creating truly effective communications starts with having a deep understanding of our clients – their culture, challenges and goals. Only then is it possible to develop meaningful solutions to their business problems.

I’ve used this approach for clients ranging from startups to blue-chip companies, developing identity and branding systems, marketing materials, signage, digital communications and websites, all with the aim of helping their brands speak with a single voice.

Inspiration doesn’t always happen in the studio. New environments inspire fresh thinking. I’ve toured extensively throughout Europe and Asia. Much of my travel involves cycling, and much of my cycling is for charity. Through the generosity of clients, colleagues and friends, I’ve ridden thousands of kilometres to raise tens of thousands of dollars for various causes.

Sylvia Baumann, B.Comm

Strategic Director

Having worked over the past two decades as Vice President of Marketing, I bring my business experience, knowledge of marketing communications and strategic depth to help our clients create communications that matter.

I waste no time cutting to the chase, but do so with great care. I also believe it is important to give clients the comfort and confidence of working with a team that speaks their language and understands their business.

As a brand strategist and a corporate communications specialist my goal is to help our clients find their focus, clarify their message, develop a strong brand and create engaging communications.

Michael McCallum

Senior Designer

Good design is good business. I am all about solving clients’ problems with clarity and effectiveness. That is the result I strive to create with every assignment, big and small. Over the many years that I have worked here, SDAI has provided the opportunity to do that again and again, with clients from a variety of sectors.

I’ve always been inspired by art and popular culture, where spontaneous expression yields delightful surprises, things I had not thought of before. These inspirations often find their way into my work.

I am also inspired by the power of technology. I thrive at the intersection of technological change and popular culture and am an enthusiastic observer of what happens when they come together to create new forms of expression and communication.

Whatever elements end up in my work, my mission is to create communications that are elegant and persuasive.

Kristin Bashford


For me, good design is a combination of simplicity and intelligence. I get excited when a design provokes its audience to respond as intended. It demonstrates the effectiveness of a well-conceived solution and the power of design to get you there.

I take inspiration from the designed environments that I encounter every day. It could be a new restaurant, a vintage store or a pop-up. The visuals of these environments stay with me and are drawn upon in my work.

It’s these experiences and inspirations that have helped shape what I love to do most here at SDAI: great design that communicates.

View from the studio

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